Morgan’s Rampage Route


  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum 2 people


  • Pick up/drop off at hotel
  • A/C Transportation
  • Entrance fees to Unesco Sites
  • Train ticket
  • Bilingual Guide

What to Expect

Panama City, the town of Portobelo and the famous Castle of San Lorenzo served as passage way to at least 60% of all the treasures from the “New World” that were being sent back to Spain during the colonization time of the Americas and this famous pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, attacked them all.

Visit all three UNESCO sites and learn about their important role in world commerce back in the 16th, 17th and 18th century and about the famous attacks of this pirate during his rampage of the Spanish Main.


Tour Description

Panama was considered third in importance by the Spanish crown, after Mexico and Peru, because of its strategic geographic position and the conveniently short distance separating the Pacific from the Atlantic. Many of the famous pirates of the Caribbean were well aware of this, but it was only Sir Henry Morgan who made it his goal to attack and capture the most important Spanish towns in Panama, which constituted the famous “Golden Triangle” of Castilla del Oro.

Start the day with a visit to Panama Viejo, the first city founded by the Spaniards on the Pacific coast of the Americas (1519) and the arrival port for all the treasures coming from Perú, the silver mines in Chile and many other important towns on the newly discovered Pacific coast of America.

Afterwards you will travel by road to Portobelo, a town famous for the important role of hosting the trade fairs between Europe, Asia and New World from the 16th until the 18th century. 

After visiting this nowadays dormant town and enjoying a delicious Caribbean style lunch, you will drive further up north to visit the last piece of the Golden triangle of Panama, the Castel of San Lorenzo.  Built in a strategic location to protect the mouth of the Chagres river and the Camino de Cruces, one of the two roads used for the transportation of goods and people from Spain to its colonies and vice versa.

Return to the Pacific coast by train, recreating Morgan’s route along the Chagres river, used on his famous attack of Panama city, the heart of Castilla del Oro.


Tour Highlights

  • Pirate history in Panama
  • Visit three UNESCO sites (Panama Viejo, Portobelo and San Lorenzo)
  • Great sceneries and natural landscapes
  • Wildlife observation in San Lorenzo

What to bring:

  • Sun protection
  • Camera
  • Backpack
  • Raingear
  • Comfortable shoes